The Cat Dander Factory structure produces Dander Weapons.

The Dander Plane is used as a defensive weapon to protect one of your controlled countries for a single turn. It is currently the cheapest weapon in the entire game, although it grants no attacking benefit for the user.

Cost to build: 400 Coins

Cost to produce:

Cost to use: 1 Token

Produces: 1 Dander Plane.


Effect: Enemies roll a max of 1 attack die


  • Place on a choke point to protect a continent you own.
  • Place on a territory to prevent an opponent from securing a continent.
  • If near defeat, place on a territory and reinforce it to increase survivability.
  • Take and only take 1 territory at a time for a chance to receive another token to rinse and repeat.
Dander plane

Dander Factory